Anesthesia Partnerships: How Combining Strengths Improves Performance

Recent changes in our healthcare marketplace are forcing clinicians to be experts in business and finance as well as anesthesiology. Increasing requirements for quality, cost efficiency and regulatory compliance demand that we rethink the way we deliver care to our patients. Mergers, acquisitions and strategic healthcare partnerships have become the norm as facilities compete for market share, and strategic partnerships between MSOs that specialize in healthcare areas (like anesthesia) are another interesting market development.

With the marketplace demanding validation of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare, the need for performance accountability is vital. In an anesthesia MSO partnership, each partner aligns its unique strengths with the strengths of the provider group to validate your anesthesia services.

This issue of Anesthesia Perspectives describes marketplace influences and how combining the strengths of the right MSO partnership improves anesthesia performance and outcomes, lowers costs, and helps your facility stay competitive.