Transforming the Value
of Your Anesthesia Dollar

The issue of physician engagement in cost control and quality improvement has jumped to number one The Advisory Board Company's Annual Health Care CEO Survey. Healthcare leaders understand how important it is for their institutions to adapt to industry-changing legislation, innovate to address operational and financial issues, and rise to the challenges of our highly competitive market.

What many don’t realize is that anesthesia leadership is in an excellent position to help your facility thrive. The key is a shared commitment to high performance. However, for improvement to take place, a value transformation of the anesthesia dollar must occur – that reaches beyond the clinical to affect operational and financial performance.

This report will explain:

  • The effect of anesthesia clinical quality on
    overall performance metrics

  • How an efficient anesthesia group can improve
    operational performance

  • Anesthesia’s far-reaching influence on your facility’s bottom line

  • The added value of quality perioperative anesthesia management

Download this valuable report today and take the first step
toward transformational change.