Anesthesia Case Study: Providing Anesthesia Leadership and Accountability to a California Hospital

When administrators at a southern California hospital sought to expand the anesthesia care team model from the obstetrical department into the surgical suite, an accountable and highly engaged anesthesia provider was required.  However, the incumbent anesthesia group lacked strong leadership and resisted change.  Further, the group’s results were alarming – dips in OR efficiency, erosion of team morale and harmony, and deficiencies in quality management.

In order to meet their qualitative and financial goals, the hospital needed an anesthesia group with the right mix of leadership, organization, and structure.  Of the proposals submitted, Somnia Anesthesia proved to be the ideal choice.

This case study explores how Somnia successfully provided the hospital’s anesthesia department with the leadership, staffing model, and quality improvement program that were greatly needed, even in the midst of a very public battle that threatened to derail the onboarding of the new anesthesia team.  

Download the case study now to read more about Somnia’s role in decreasing OR delays and improving surgeon satisfaction at this California hospital.