Anesthesia Resource Publication

The Role of Anesthesia in Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are an important component of the recent healthcare reform law and its goal to provide cost-effective, high quality care.  Anesthesia services are an essential part of patient care delivery in both the acute and ambulatory care settings, and therefore should be an accountable entity within the ACO structure. 

An Accountable Anesthesia Organization™ (AAO) is a transparent, collaborative partner in the ACO.  Its goals are aligned with the structure of the ACO and center on transparency, resource utilization, quality metrics, cost containment and patient experience. 

This resource material outlines how anesthesia services are likely to impact the success of ACOs and reasons why facilities and providers should consider collaborating with an Accountable Anesthesia Organization.

Download this resource material to learn more about the role and benefits of anesthesia in Accountable Care Organizations.