Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve Toward Improved Anesthesia Value

The traditional anesthesia cost curve indicates that as anesthesia spend increases, anesthesia value tends to decrease.  The opposite also holds true – as anesthesia value increases the anesthesia spend decreases. Unfortunately, bending that curve in a positive direction can be a challenge, with a multitude of factors historically steering towards a flattening of the curve.

Inflexible staffing models, coupled with an unaccountable anesthesia department with little regard for quality improvement initiatives and lack of transparency, yield little to no value for a facility’s anesthesia department.

However, there are strategic ways to improve those conditions. Somnia’s new white paper, “Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve Toward Improved Anesthesia Value,” details how partnering with an anesthesia team that closely examines and leverages input and throughput opportunities help bend the healthcare cost curve toward improved anesthesia value.

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