A New Graduate's Guide to Anesthesia Careers Resource Document

When a new anesthesiology provider completes his or her training, it is the culmination of countless hours of study and supervised clinical practice.  The next step is often equally challenging – finding that first position with a hospital, surgery center or anesthesia group.

There is much to think about and consider in evaluating anesthesia career opportunities, and many new anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists do not have all the information they need in order to land a position that is a good fit for their skills, experience and personal preferences.

In this latest resource document, “A New Graduate’s Guide to Anesthesia Careers,” experienced anesthesiologists and recruitment experts provide recent graduates with a detailed roadmap for identifying and securing the right position.  Additionally, experienced clinicians will find the material useful as it can serve as a method for relearning the intricacies of anesthesia provider recruitment.  The resource document provides answers to key questions about the recruitment process including:

  1. How should I prepare?
  2. What do recruiters look for?
  3. What should I know by the end of the interview?

Download this important document now to learn about best practices for a successful job search in anesthesia.