White Paper

Anesthesia Staffing Models That Drive Value and Improve Quality

Hospital executives are looking for efficiencies and effective strategies to improve the delivery of anesthesia services. One such strategy is the development of anesthesia staffing models in which anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) work together to provide services. This white paper examines how developing a hospital’s optimum anesthesia staffing model improves efficiencies, adds revenue streams, and supports clinical quality excellence.

There are challenging internal and external influences affecting anesthesia staffing models. Staffing analysis must consider the following:

  • Current and future supply and demand
  • State regulations and scope of practice of mid-level providers
  • Change management and transition issues

Optimal delivery of anesthesia services depends on each service area operating at peak performance. A problem in one area often causes a ripple effect into other areas of service. Find out how alternative staffing models can help improve the quality of care for your patients, enhance your productivity and boost revenue.